February 12, 2014 | Vol.54 N.7

Glenwood fourth-grader rallies school to raise money for Philippines

Kaitlyn Johnson, a fourth-grader from Glenwood Elementary School, led a school-wide effort to raise money for the Philippines. In total, the 10-year-old and the Glenwood community raised $486.75.

Johnson felt compelled to do something after watching news reports of last November's coverage of Typhoon Yolanda, which killed thousands and displaced more than 4 million people.  Johnson and her mom came up with ideas to help, and settled on a coin drive with money going to the Red Cross to aid the Philippines.

Before beginning the project, Johnson created a proposal and presented it to her peers at an ASB meeting. After the project was approved, she worked with her teacher, Tammie Enders and librarian Linda Mauer to publicize the fundraiser.

Johnson created a short video using Animoto, called The Fight for the Philippines, which was shared with students during their visits to the school library. Each classroom had a coin collection jar, and money was compiled nightly and locked in the main office.

"My classmates, friends and teachers have been really supportive," said Johnson. "I've always been interested in helping others, but wasn't sure how to get started. It's nice to have so many people willing to help me with this."

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