February 19, 2014 | Vol.54 N.8

What to do when a street sign is down or missing?

It is estimated that there are over 4,000 street signs in Lake Stevens.

These include stop, speed limit, warnings, pedestrian, street name, and regulatory signs. 

On an average, it is estimated that the City has installed about 100 more signs each year as new development occurs and additional signs are needed. 

It is probably no surprise that the City is challenged to know when a sign is damaged, removed, or in need of service.  The City often is alerted to a sign problem by a contact from the public. 

If you spot a down or damaged sign, you can report it to the City by calling 425-334-1012.  However, missing or damaged stop signs should be reported to 911. 

The reason for this is that these are critical signs for public safety and are given priority response from the City, 24-hours a day.   

Not only does the City appreciate this type of contact, it provides a very valuable service to the community so that the City can be more responsive. 

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