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By Monika Kristofferson
Contributing Writer 

Organized house, happy home


How does it feel in your house when the closets are crammed full, the counters are piled high, you have to kick a path to your room and you think you have a dining room table, but where? I think I can safely guess: stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, embarrassed and maybe a few other feelings of your own to add here.

Living in a disorganized home does not contribute to calm feelings, just the opposite. And the effect that it can have is stress in the home. And when we are stressed we are cranky, which can lead to short tempers, arguments and general tension. Who needs it?

As a professional organizer, I know my home is organized, but I still have days where I end up with piles on my office desk because I’ve been busy and I know just how that makes me feel. It makes me feel overloaded and like I can’t think straight. Fortunately, with a little time and effort I can get on top of things easily.

Today set aside just 30 minutes and pick a troublesome spot in your home and work as quickly as you can to make a difference in that area. Part with items you no longer use, you no longer love and the stuff that you don’t even know what it is anymore! Clearing a space will bring you instant results physically in your space as well as emotionally.

Get organized and turn your house into a happy home!


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