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Risk Watch program leads to success story


Eight-year olds Macray Flanders and Max Hein learned about the steps to take if they ever found a gun or bullets as part of the Risk Watch Program provided by Lake Stevens Fire and the Lake Stevens Police Department.

This lesson was taught in December 2013 and the two boys put into action what they learned on January 24, 2014 when both boys were outside in the yard and found two boxes of bullets. Both boys remembered what they learned in Risk Watch and went and told an adult right away.

After reporting what they found to an adult, the adult reported this information to the Lake Stevens Police Department. Officer David Carter, who taught gun safety at their school, received the report and was able to recognize their actions along with Lake Stevens Fire Public Educator Jennye Cooper with a surprise visit to their classroom.

Lake Stevens Fire Public Educator Jennye Cooper commented, "We are proud of these two boys for acting responsibly during this incident and preventing a potential injury. It's imperative that these types of incidents be recognized for their positive outcomes."

Risk Watch was created by the National Fire Protection Association in 1998 and has been implemented in local elementary schools within the Lake Stevens Fire response area since 1999.


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