March 5, 2014 | Vol.54 N.10

House fire displaces family of four

Flames were shooting from the garage of a house located at 5111 113th Ave. NE in Lake Stevens around 8:15 p.m. on Sunday night.

Michelle Templeton
The house on 113th Ave. NE was saved after firefighters formed a blind alley to bring in water. Only part of the structure burned.

Witnesses said they heard a popping noise before one part of the home became engulfed in flames.

Four people lived in the home, however three of them were not at the residence at the time the fire started. A boarder who was living on the property in a nearby trailer helped the middle-aged female homeowner escape. Her spouse, daughter and daughter's boyfriend returned to find the home on fire and called 911. One of the family's dogs was able to get out, however, they lost another dog and two cats.

The home is located on five acres and is in a rural part of the county where there were no fire hydrants nearby. This made it difficult for firefighters; however, they were able to create a shuttle line to get water to the home.

"We had a shuttle operation going. They laid hose initially the then lay what is called a blind alley. They were shuttling water a long way," Lake Stevens Fire Marshal Robert Marshall said. "More than likely we put around 50,000 gallons of water on the house."

Along with Lake Stevens Fire, Granite Falls, Getchell, Marysville and Arlington firefighters helped with the operation.

The original house was a single story structure built in 1980. They then added a two-story structure over a three-bay garage below.

"The garage was on fire upon arrival," Marshall said. "Firefighters did a great job in securing that part of the structure. Some smoke entered the main residence but it is light in nature. There was no fire damage in the main house."

There was a major collapse of the two-story structure and it is still unsafe to enter at this time.

"The fire's origin and cause is undetermined because it is not wise to get into the structure at this point because of safety," Marshall said.

He does estimate the damage to be between $250,000 and $300,000.

The family has been displaced and the Red Cross has stepped in to help.

"We brought the Red Cross in to assist the family. They are wonderful and we appreciate them very much," Marshall said.

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