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By Janice Huxford
Contributing Writer 

You can recycle almost everything


When my husband and I remodeled our house in Lake Stevens, I made two significant discoveries.  The first was, yes, a marriage can withstand major construction.  The second was that a large portion of what we removed from our house (wood, drywall, cabinets, flooring, etc.) was destined for a landfill. 

I was astonished!  I won’t let an aluminum can leave my kitchen without scrubbing, sorting and stomping flat but I’ll let the entire interior of my home be hauled away and simply dumped? 

Welcome to Independent Recycling.

Independent recyclers work on a “dumpster-on-demand” basis, and charge for delivery/pick-up, daily rental, on-site load staff upon request and the weight of the full container. 

Independent recyclers accept materials which include but are not limited to: roofing materials, wood, aluminum, steel, copper, tin, cardboard and concrete.  Per Federal and EPA requirements, items such as liquid chemicals, paint, oil and antifreeze cannot be accepted and a complete list of items can be obtained by contacting your local recycling company. 

These local businesses take on the responsibility and liability of delivery to permitted recycling centers,  eliminating the need for additional insurance, ensuring that the containers are loaded, covered and hauled safely, and with the knowledge that materials are sorted, reused and recycled. 

While this is a widely recognized service throughout the construction industry, independent recycling is also a useful option for small businesses, community organizations and individuals. 

Many independent recyclers provide onsite staff to load materials, and in the case of Lake Stevens based SVR Construction Services, many HOA’s have retained a crew to safely assist in neighborhood “clean up and clear out” events. 

Dumpsters have been retained for business relocation and clean up, post garage sale/moving debris removal, hoarding situations and land clearing projects.  Costs to secure staff and equipment vary per project.

It is important to note that independent recyclers are not “curb side” trash removal organizations.  Snohomish County code requires the independent recyclers to haul no more than 10 percent of non-recyclable materials per load and the industry as a whole is diligent in their efforts to be compliant. 

Spring is historically the time in the Northwest to move from the “to do” planning stage to “projects done!”  Independent recycling is a cost effective, environmentally responsible addition to your project checklist.  Happy hauling! 

 Information on SVR can be obtained by calling 425-334-3325 or at


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