March 26, 2014 | Vol.54 N.13

The lost and found box

One of my kindergarten students had misplaced his sports jacket. Another teacher located it and returned it to him. The youngster was thrilled, showed his appreciation, and started heading for the door. When I asked where he was going he answered, “Outside, to put this in the Lost and Found Box!” After a good chuckle, I had to explain that once an item was found it no longer needed to be in the box.

The Bible has a story that is quite the opposite in the book of Luke, Chapter 15. Christ speaks of a shepherd who has one hundred sheep. Ninety-nine are safe in the sheepfold (the box) but he leaves and searches for the one lost sheep. After finding it he brings it back to the sheepfold, rejoicing that it has been saved.

Most of us enjoy people who think “outside the box.” We reserve this term for those who are truly creative. But as Christians we can really appreciate a Savior who thinks outside the box.

In fact in Matthew 15:24 Jesus states his mission, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.” That’s really good news to all of us who need to be found and given redemption.

We are His treasure and He goes out of His way to place in His treasure box. He knows the true treasure of heaven. Christ searches and seeks each one of us out in creative ways because He knows our inner selves and created us!

America’s most well-known hymn is Amazing Grace. Its beautiful lyrics “I once was lost but now I’m found” can become a personal reality for all those who open their heart to the Good Shepherd.

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