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Granite Falls School District extends extra support to the city and schools of Darrington


March 26, 2014

Granite Falls School District extends extra support to the city and schools of Darrington

The devastating landslide has claimed several lives, destroyed many homes, and left some trapped in the mud and debris. The Granite Falls School District has been working with Granite Falls and Darrington city officials to help in any way possible. “Our hearts go out to the families affected and their loved ones, and the responders who are helping in response to the Oso mudslide that occurred on Saturday, March 22,” stated Granite Falls School District Spokesperson Elizabeth Holderman. Superintendent Linda Hall made a personal phone call to the Darrington School District Superintendent to extend her prayers and concerns, stating “we (Granite Falls School District) are available to help now or down the road….any time they (Darrington School District) need our resources or help, we offer our full support.”

The Granite Falls School District and City of Granite Falls have reached out to the city of Darrington to offer any type of support possible. The city of Darrington expressed that one of the biggest issues their residents face is the extended commute. Residents are commuting 4 times the distance they were commuting to work prior to the landslide. Right now, a lot of the residents are commuting at least 2 hours one way, which means they are traveling around 4 hours each day and that is simply not feasible for some of these individuals. Most of these individuals work at Boeing, so for some individuals who work further south, they travel even longer days. There is no time frame for how long this new commute could last. This is one of Darrington’s long-term concerns, among MANY others at this point. This specific request will maintain over the next few months as crews work to clear the roadways. If you have an extra room/space available or a place you would be willing to rent for these individuals who may be of need, then please contact the city of Darrington at 360.436.1131.

The Granite Falls High School ASB Leadership Class has been collecting monetary donations all week (March 24-28) for the American Red Cross to help support those who have been affected by the disaster. These will be collected at the front office of the High School, please contact Debbie Lindahl at 360.691.7713. Monte Cristo Elementary students have written condolences and heartfelt words to those who have lost loved ones or any of those responders who have been affected by the devastating mudslide.

Information has been posted to the Granite Falls School District website since Monday March 24th concerning the relief efforts. Holderman is working with city officials and community members on other ways to help fundraise for the relief funds. Please contact if there are other efforts being made in Granite Falls.


Devastating Oso Mudslide near Granite Falls

See "Oso Mudslide Info: How to help on the emergency info page on district website.

How to Help...




Mt. Loop Highway as alternate route... The highway is now open, as of Wednesday, March 26th. See the news coverage--Mt. Loop Highway opens early after mudslide. Highway 530 is closed and the town of Darrington is cut off from direct access to I-5. The Department of Transportation says drivers in Darrington will need to go north on Highway 530 to Highway 20 in order to avoid the closure. People can reach Darrington by going east on Highway 20 and south on Highway 530.

Official information about the Oso Slide can be obtained from the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management at 425-388-5088 or go to the county emergency web page.


Elizabeth (EB) Holderman

Administrative Assistant/Communications

Granite Falls School District

205 N. Alder Ave.

Granite Falls, WA 98252

360.691.7717 ext. 4010

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