March 26, 2014 |

Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians Donates $100,000 to Oso Relief Fund

(Arlington, WA) The Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians has donated $100,000 via the Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation for Oso Landslide Relief.

“Tribal Council and tribal members want to be part of helping in this time of need”, said Tribal Chairman Shawn Yanity’s wife Tonya Yanity. “Our tribe and their people are so greatly connected to this community. We are “the river people”, and the Stillaguamish river connects all of us as it flows from Darrington to Arlington and out to the sea. We are all impacted, and we are all connected, and our need to help is great”.

The Stillaguamish Tribe is composed of descendants of the 1855 Stoluck-wa-mish River Tribe. In 1855 the population resided on the main branch of the river, as well as the north and south forks. The name Stillaguamish, under various spellings, has been used since around 1850 to refer to those Indians who lived along the Stillaguamish River and camped along its tributaries. They were a party to the treaty of Point Elliott of January 22, 1855 under the spelling Stoluck-wa-mish. No separate reservation was established for the Stoluck-wa-mish Indians. Some moved to the Tulalip Reservation, but the majority remained in the aboriginal area along the Stillaguamish River. Tribal headquarters are located in Arlington, Washington.

“We are grateful for this amazing donation from the Stillaguamish Tribe” said Foundation president Barbara Tolbert. “We would also like to thank Union Bank, which is serving as our bank for all donations. To have access to all their branches is exactly what we needed to help our community donate at this very difficult time”.

The Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation is accepting donations for Oso Landslide Relief. All donations are tax deductible, and 100% of the money will go to the Oso fund with no overhead costs. To give:


Take or send your donation to Union Bank, P. O. Box 278 Arlington, WA 98223, or drop by any Union Bank in Smokey Point, Arlington, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Monroe, Everett and Stanwood; or call 360-435- 2139, option 4.

Take or send your donation to Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation

330 S. Stillaguamish Ave, Arlington, WA 98223, or call 360-618-7805.

Please make checks payable to CVH Foundation.



Heather Logan

Hospital Representative

Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation

330 S. Stillaguamish Ave.

Arlington, WA 98223

Email:; phone: 360-618-7805

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