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Elementary Choir will sing National Anthem at Mariners game on Mother's Day

To add to the already heartwarming ambiance at Mountain Way Elementary, Music Director and Choir Instructor Brandy Golston, received a phone call the day before Valentine’s Day from a Mariner’s Baseball Club Representative. 

Curious as to the nature of the call, Golston was pleasantly surprised and excited when the voice on the other end of the phone extended her choir an invitation.  The elementary choir was invited to audition for the grand opportunity of singing the national anthem at Safeco Field on Mother’s Day for the Seattle Mariners.

Upon receiving word of the audition opportunity, Golston immediately shared her news with the choir and began practicing the national anthem!  The choir had never performed the national anthem, but appeared eager to learn indicated Golston.

The choir was asked to submit an audio or video audition that was less than 90 seconds, in tune and without embellishments and completely acapella.  They worked on the lyrics, vocals and harmonies and incorporated a piano for tuning purposes. 

“Our choir worked very hard and many of the students took their music and lyrics home to practice,” said Golston.  A little over a week later, the choir constructed their very first acapella melody and video-taped the performance. 

Last season during the spring, in 2013, the average attendance for the Mariners games was around 23,000 people—so this is a huge opportunity for these young singers. 

Grateful and humbled by the audition experience, the choir made personalized thank you notes for the head sales staff of the Mariner’s Baseball Club. 

Notes from students aged nine to eleven (third-fifth graders) were written to the Mariner’s Club Executive Sales Staff and Audition Board for the opportunity to audition.  Golston indicated that she drove to Seattle to hand deliver the notes and video. 

Golston and the thirty-six student members of the choir endured a full weekend and two more days thinking about their final submission and waited anxiously and eagerly to obtain the results. 

On Tuesday, March 4, Golston received a phone call that her choir had been chosen to sing for the Seattle Mariners Game on Sunday, May 11—Mother’s Day! 

For some of these students, this is their first time singing in a choir.  The others are well-versed in the choral and musical experience as third year veterans. 

“I am so proud of this choir, they have a huge heart and a high desire to succeed,” said Golston. 

Golston began working at the Granite Falls School District as Choir Instructor at Mountain Way six months ago, after having volunteered for three years with the program.

“I allow my high standards of vocal technique, ear training and musicianship to shine through in the literature that I choose for these students; a perfect partnership between choral and music literacy instruction.”  Golston continued, “This hard work and dedication is evident with these students being chosen to sing for the Seattle Mariners!” 

The game (against the KC Royals) will be on Sunday, May 11 at 1:10 p.m. 

The Seattle Mariners are extending a discount ticket offer to students, parents, faculty and staff.  For every ticket sold, the choir receives $4 toward their program and they hope to sell as many as 200 tickets! 

Bring out your family and friends and join our school at Safeco Field to watch some exciting Major League Baseball action and see our Mountain Way Elementary School Choir perform the national anthem. 

For more information on the choir program, please contact Brandy Golston at bgolston@gfalls.wednet.edu.

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