April 2, 2014 | APRIL 2014 | Volume 8, Iss

IGA awards Monte Cristo Elementary School with monetary donation

The Monte Cristo Elementary Parent Group (MCPG) received the largest donation to date from the Granite Falls IGA as part of the Hometown Heroes Community Give Back Program.    

The IGA has been participating in the Hometown Heroes 1% program as part of our WeConnect card since 2011.

Members of the Granite Falls community can apply to be a part of the Hometown Heroes Program.  Once accepted into the program, members can use their Weconnect cards to redeem funds.   The group then receives a donation of 1% of purchases made at the IGA.

Mike Trask, owner of IGA, indicated the tracking of the funds has been a smooth and efficient process for both parties involved.   Trask shared “all purchases (excluding alcohol, tobacco, gift cards and lottery) made by the particular group (charity, school, non-profit group, etc.) are eligible for the 1% give—which is on top of what the shopper earns in their own Weconnect “wallet” already.”

The MCPG applied currently has 58 parents signed up for the program to receive the 1% donation.  The group has been adding members each year, and last year alone accumulated $1,000 total. 

The MCPG has been having its current and any new community members "assign" their cards to the program so each time they spend money at the store they are helping this total increase. 

On Monday, March 17 at 3:30 p.m. the IGA handed over the check totaling $2,313 to the parent group. 

Mike Trask indicated, “It really is easy to write a check or a ‘donation’ to a group that has supported us as well as this group has over the years.   This is what the 1% program is all about, giving back to the community that supports us!” Trask continued, “We currently have over 20 non-profits currently using the 1% program. Last year we gave back more than $5,400 to the program!”

 This money is then designated toward the children of Monte Cristo Elementary. “The MCE Parent Group will be using this donation to fulfill the field trip requests for the entire school," said MCPG President, Carrie Luedeke. “This donation will give the MCE students the ability to further what they are learning in the classroom with the hands on opportunity that a field trip can provide. We are extremely grateful to Mike Trask and the whole IGA team for this wonderful donation to the students of Monte Cristo Elementary.”

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