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We need to elect better candidates


Dear Editor,

With Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk stating that Russia might push his country into starting World War III, Russian President Vladimir Putin blaming the new Middle Eastern intrigue on “President Obama and America,” and a Kremlin-backed journalist going on record with his, “Russia could turn the United States into radioactive ash,” it should concern Americans that President Obama recently announced plans to draw down our military to a level not seen since before the Second World War.

We could once expect our leaders to be competent and care more about their pledge to protect our country against “all enemies, foreign and domestic,” than their sinecure or re-election strategy.

In recent years, however, it seems the competency of many legislators has taken a nosedive. And since we elected them, WE are responsible.

We’re responsible for the representative who asked NASA officials if they could send the Martian Rover over to see the flag planted on . . . the MOON, responsible for the senators who considered “repeal[ing] the laws of physics,” in order to execute their proposed auto emission standards (this wasn’t the Obama Administration, as some claim, but it did happen), and responsible for still another representative who announced, before CNN cameras, that stationing 8,000 sailors on Guam might cause the island to “tip over and capsize.”

In our BUSY-ness and apathy, have we left inmates in charge of the asylum?

Cringing at the dangerous brinks we self-absorbed, entitlement-seeking, techno-Americans have allowed ourselves to skirt, I see no way—without putting the “all philosophies are equal” notions aside, and electing more clear-thinking patriots to leadership positions—to escape a national disaster that might, one day, make World War II look like a walk in the park.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”—George Santayana


William Cook

Lake Stevens


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