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Locals work their way up the Columbia Tower


Courtesy Photo

The Movers & Shakers team after their Big Climb.

The Movers & Shakers, a team consisting of folks from Lake Stevens including Timmothy Lang, accident victim, raised over $19,125 towards their goal for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation.

They raced to the top of the Columbia Center Tower on March 23 for The Big Climb.

Lang made it up the 69 stories in 11:01 minutes.

Left to right: Timm Lang, Tristan Lang, John Lang, Tracey Lang, Traci Jones, Jeremy Hill, Annie Hill, Vicki Dorsey, Melissa Jacquot, Josh Jones, Dawn Hendershot-Mughal, Danica Pattison, Tierre Natseos and Hillary Small.


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