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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

LSHS alum gets her face on a Wheaties box, well sort of


Courtesy Photo

Katie Holloway, LSHS alum, playing paralympic volleyball.

Making my way down the news feed on Facebook one day I noticed that Lake Stevens High School alumni Katie Holloway posted a picture of herself on the front of a Wheaties box.

I was intrigued and so I decided to ask her about it.

"Just to clarify, the Wheaties box was purely a gift from some of the marketing people at General Mills and unfortunately won't be sold on shelves," Holloway said. However, "l am always honored to write to anyone from Lake Stevens."

While the box may not be an official one that we can pick up at our local grocery store, it is still pretty impressive that the marketing team at General Mills even thought to do this.

"Getting my own Wheaties box with my picture on it is right up there with winning a medal. Every American feels the same way about competing for their country and what better way to represent that than the time-honored tradition of the Wheaties box," Holloway said.

Holloway graduated from Lake Stevens High School in 2004. While there she played both basketball and volleyball. She went on to play basketball at Cal State Northridge and is now a Recreation Therapist at the Palo Alto VA.

"I work with chronically ill veterans to increase their health and wellness through recreation and leisure opportunities," she explained.

Holloway continues to play volleyball as a Paralympian and will soon be competing in the World Championships.

Courtesy Photo

Katie Holloway n the front of her own personal Wheaties box.

"I am currently training for World Championships in Elblag, Poland this year in June," she said. "I live in Santa Clara, California and train part time.

When Holloway was born she was diagnosed with fibular hemimelia.

"Which means I was born without a fibula bone in my right leg.  So at 20 months my parents decided to have my foot amputated," Holloway explained.

She feels it a privilege to be able to compete against some of the world's best athletes.

"I am not required to play sitting down, I get to," she said.

Even though Holloway is not an official box of Wheaties, she is a great example of a strong, female athlete and especially one who had her basic training in the halls of Lake Stevens' schools.


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