April 9, 2014 | Vol.54 N.15

Your voice can help educate children

Dear Editor,

Pam Stevens’ inspirational editorial is about more than education.  (‘Every child deserves the opportunity to go to school’ by Pam Stevens, Lake Stevens Journal, March 26, 2014).

Stevens exhorts us to appreciate the privilege of free education for all in America and lets us know that isn’t true everywhere.  It can be a challenge for our students to recognize how important education is.  Learning more about Malala Yousafzai and why she was shot for wanting an education would be a good start. 

The Global Partnership for Education would be another place to start.  But Stevens has a thought for adults as well:  “become a voice for those around the world who don’t get to experience the joys of walking into a school room or picking up a book and reading it without hesitation.” 

And even how to do this:  “write to your congressmen and women and ask them to consider helping children in other countries receive an education.” 

One of the privileges of citizenship in our democracy is letting our elected leaders know what we want.  There is a bi-partisan bill in the House called the Education for All Act. 

Both Snohomish county representatives, Larsen and DelBene have cosponsored it, but could be thanked and asked to help get other cosponsors for the bill.  This would help move it out of committee and be voted on. 

This bill supports the Global Partnership for Education, the only multi-national organization successfully helping developing countries to create sustainable education plans. 

The results are more children in school and more finishing elementary school.  Of course funding is needed to continue this work and your call or email can definitely make a difference. 

So be inspired and take action.  57 million children will be glad you did.

Willie Dickerson


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