April 16, 2014 | Vol.54 N.16

Lake Stevens Senior Center Celebrates Partnership With Tulalip Tribes



Lake Stevens Senior Center

3202 Soper Hill Road

Lake Stevens, WA 98258



April 17, 2014

Lake Stevens Senior Center Celebrates Partnership With Tulalip Tribes

Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund has recently selected Lake Stevens Senior

Center to receive a donation of $5,000.

This contribution will enable Lake Stevens Senior Center to continue to

fulfill its mission of promoting the well-being of older adults in the

community. The Senior Center offers a variety of programs and activities

geared toward people age 55 and older in Lake Stevens and surrounding

Snohomish County. Included are exercise, games, caregiver support, foot

care, lunches and instruction. Classes include quilting, art, creative

writing, safe driving, computer training, and computer building.

The Tulalip Tribes strives to work together with local communities to

build stronger neighborhoods. The Charitable Contributions Fund focuses on

supporting Arts & Culture; Education & Youth; Environment/Natural

Resources; Social Services, Public Services, and Health. Since 1993,

Tulalip Tribes has donated to 250 to 300 organizations and continues to

work in partnership with Snohomish County cities and organizations to

create a solid, caring and proud community.

CONTACT: Evelyn Edeen, Board Member

Lake Stevens Senior Center



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