April 24, 2014 | Vol.54 N.17

Professional huggers and the power of touch

Are you interested in a new career that pays well? You might consider becoming a professional hugger. It’s a new trend that is gaining steam. For instance Portland’s Samantha Hess charges $60.00 for hour long snuggles. Keeping her therapy purely platonic she offers positions such as The Tandem Bicycle (basically spooning with a leg over) or Come To Mama, in which the client rests his or her upper body on Samantha’s lap while she caresses their hair.

The reason the business is growing in popularity throughout the country is because humans were created for touch. Research has shown its benefits on the human population at all ages and stages. When our Creator gave us our five senses He knew the power of touch and that our souls would crave not just physical touch, but His spiritual and emotional touch.

One of God’s most beautiful names is Abba. For those of us who may have had an unaffectionate father it’s a strange, new concept. It refers to the close intimacy of a father who wants to hold and cuddle his child. I personally experienced this type of love as an adult. Being raised by an adoptive father who genuinely loved me, but was unable to demonstrate it physically, it was a real surprise when my birth father hugged me close and tight when we first met, and many times after. It felt overwhelming, like full acceptance, and very unconditional. Such is God’s love for His sons and daughters.

Professional huggers know the importance of the right touch at the right time for the right person. Our Heavenly Father understands to a much greater degree. He knows how to lavish love to those who are feeling unloved, comfort to those who are grieving, and healing to those who have been hurt. He is always ready, no need for an appointment or payment. Perhaps his positions would be titled, Come To Papa.

We were created in His image. As much as we need His embrace, He desires ours as well. It’s the true meaning of worship, our purpose for life!

“May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant.” Psalm 119:76

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