April 24, 2014 | Vol.54 N.17

39th District Legislators visit GFSD classrooms

Dated April 21st, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE; Local Legislators Visit Granite Falls' Classrooms

Pictured: 6477 (Orion Green and Senator Pearson), 6449 (Senator Pearson explains what Legislators "do" to 1st grade class), 6452 (Principal Karin Manns, Superintendent Linda Hall, Rep. Elizabeth Scott), 6458 (Rep. Scott, with students getting math lesson), 6460 (Karin Manns, Superintendent Hall, Senator Pearson, Leg. Scott, CCSS Teacher Leader Debra Howell), 6433 (Debra Howell gives PowerPoint presentation prior to classroom visits), 6441 (Elizabeth Scott and student Kaitlyn Cramer w/ Superintendent Linda Hall)

Senator Kirk Pearson, 39th District, and Representative Elizabeth Scott, 39th District Position 2, visited classrooms at Monte Cristo Elementary this morning between 9 and 11 a.m.. Washington State CCSS Teacher Leader, Debra Howell, along with Principal Karin Manns and Superintendent Linda Hall guided both Pearson and Scott through several classrooms, including multiage class taught by Mrs. Howell, 1st grade class taught by Christine Klepper and 2nd grade class taught by Sarah Durrant. They had the opportunity to learn first-hand how the CCSS is being implemented into the classrooms. After a brief presentation by Howell and Manns, Pearson and Scott were able to sit-in during language arts and math lessons. Afterward, they were provided the opportunity to debrief and ask questions. Hall, Howell and Manns were able to share the efforts that teachers and staff have been making over the last two years to deepen their understanding of these standards and effect change in the classrooms. Legislative Representative, Dan Kristiansen, will visit the classrooms on May 8th. This has been a wonderful opportunity to connect with our legislators.


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