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National Thank You Day, May 19 will honor Oso first responders


Photo Courtesy: Google Images

Several first responders take time for a photo during Oso clean-up.

In 2011, Mayor Vern Little proclaimed May 19 to be designated: National Thank You Day to Honor first responders. Local businesses and citizens purchased signs to be posted for the week preceding.

May 19 is not here yet, but project manager, Dr. Darlene Castle wanted to post Thank You signs at the Oso landslide area in gratitude for all that the first responders are doing-right now.

On April 12 and 13, permission was granted, allowing signs to be posted on both Arlington and Darrington sides of the road closure, at incident response headquarters and FEMA sites. Whenever first responders enter or exit the areas, they will see the signs.

It was heartening to see other thank you signs near the disaster site and throughout the towns. Yellow ribbons and red, white and blue flag ribbons were tied to trees and along fence lines. All the officers spoken to were grateful for the sentiments. It meant a lot to them.

May 19 is the official day to honor first responders and information will be forthcoming as we near that day. But as we can see, anytime is the right time to give a huge, heartfelt thank you.

For more information contact Dr. Darlene Castle 425-334-9199.


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