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Relay for Life Count Down Begins


Hello Lake Stevens Relayers!

Can you believe that relay is less than 25 days away?!  We are so excited about the event this year and to make sure that everyone has a positive and fun experience we wanted to provide you with some information and reminders of upcoming events and meetings.

New this year:  

1) All youth must be registered on line and all youth forms turned in by Bank Night to stay all night. We will not be registering youth the day of . Youth can still stay until 11:00pm and anyone who comes for the day must still sign a waiver.

2) All registered participants will receive purple wrist bands.

3) VIP  check in- if you have all of your forms turned in, and all of your team is registered you will receive your wrist bands at bank night and we will have a separate gate for your check in the day of so you can bypass the line

4) Team Captain gifts will be handed out to each captain personally by committee during the event.

A gentle reminder that we are guests of the Lake Stevens School District and as such please be sure to follow these rules:

1) No food or drink on the track/field with the exception of water. You may still bring your own food in coolers and keep them in the food area above.

2) Please leave your gum and anything sticky and chewy at home.

3) No tent stakes!  Please use water bottles to weigh down your tents if needed.

4) No pets please.

5) No drugs, alcohol, fire arms or weapons allowed.

6) No smoking.

7) No driving on the track.

  We are excited to announce that the Lake Stevens Kiwanis will be providing a delicious breakfast on Sunday and the Lake Stevens Lions will be bringing their hot dog wagon!

For those folks who missed the T-shirt deadline we have ordered a limited number of extra shirts. Once all of the qualified teams and individuals have received their shirts we will make the additional ones available.

We will also have a printed list of the laps available at bank night as well Dedication and passion. Together we will find a cure!

If you have any questions please let us know.


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