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Team Kaylee Rain Thanks Community & Invites Everyone to Join Walk


Saturday, May 17th is the Bellevue Walk to Cure Arthritis, at Downtown Bellevue Park. My name is Leeza Broome, and I am the team captain for Team Kaylee Rain, named after my 6-yr-old daughter who has been suffering from the painful effects of Juvenile Arthritis (JIA) since she was just 1 1/2 years old. We live here in Lake Stevens, but have many visits to Seattle Children’s and Group Health: Kaylee needs rheumatology, MRI’s and joint injections, oral surgery since the JIA is in her jaw, as well as knees and fingers, optometry since JIA can cause blindness, blood tests every other month, and my husband Jack and I have to give her 2 painful shots once a week at home. Since it is an autoimmune disease, she gets sick frequently, and misses a lot of school.

We really need a cure! The Arthritis Foundation helps with: access to care, education, and meds for families, they are advocates and ambassadors to government to pass medical bills that help families and develop and maintain rewards programs for medical students who go into subspecialties such as pediatric rheumatology, and fund tons of research studies to find better treatments, and hopefully one day, a cure! We are still looking for donations for our team of family and amazing friends: The Wolfs for a second time, and the Wisecarvers, that have supported our sweet daughter through all of this. Please go to: to support a local family, who appreciates the love and encouragement this wonderful community has already shown us! A special “thank you” to Staples for allowing us to have a booth out front.

We will be there again this coming Friday, May 9th from 2:30-4:30 if you would like to come out and say “hi”. One family in particular left a very large donation in my collection jar on Saturday, a wonderful woman and her daughters, and I didn’t get to thank them enough. Deepest gratitude. Kaylee said, “wow, people really do care about me!” It was so touching, I can’t thank you all enough for showing her what kindness and caring this world has to offer. If you are interested in participating in the walk, there is a 3mi. walk, and a 1mi. walk. Event starts at 9am with booths, vendors, and family fun, the walks start at 10am. For details go to Thank you Lake Stevens! We are proud to be a part of this community! Go Team


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