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Why I Relay:


Why I Relay:

I want to be in Relay for life because I found out that someone in my family died from cancer. I imagine that everyone must have been in a lot of pain when he died. If I do Relay for life I will be helping kids all over the world to live and they can share their survivor stories with people. They can also learn to help more and more kids live from cancer instead of being another child lost to cancer.

Jillian Shaw

Why I Relay:

I love that in the process of preparing for the event, Relay for Life builds community. Best friends work side by side, old friends are brought together and new friends are made, as we all work together to CELEBRATE, REMEMBER and FIGHT BACK!!!!

Shanna Pyzer

Why I Relay:

Why I relay...Grandma Honey, a true survivor.  My grandma is truly one of the strongest women I know.  She survived breast cancer and lost my grandfather, the love of her life to bone cancer. Grandma has been a part of my life in every way possible and more.  She is the epitome of “that grandma”, you know the one that gives you cookies before dinner, you’d sit on her lap and she tells you stories of her childhood that make you laugh and cry.  Reminds you that you can do anything, that you are special, that you can be strong in times you feel there is no hope.  My grandma...ROCKS!  

Why I relay...Grandpa Odesockie, a genuine fighter that lost his battle to bone cancer.  My grandfather was one of the funniest men I’ve ever known.  He was that grandpa that made a joke about everything.  His day wasn’t complete until he made you laugh. Or until he annoyed my grandmother until he laughed.  When he got sick he still wanted everyone to laugh.  He would still do his best to see us smile.  Grandpa, thank you for still making me smile. Why I relay...Mom, a beautiful survivor.  My mother-in-law is so very strong, she survived breast cancer.  She has strength in her that she didn’t even know was there.  She has kindness, compassion and that want for life.  To watch her struggle to survive the loss of her husband of 40 years to lung cancer was horrible, sad and just plain maddening.  Eventually after time, she stood tall and works everyday to stay strong.  She helps others with their struggles, helps them see the positives.  Mom you make a difference.

Why I relay...for everyone I can.  I would never wish on anyone the struggle, hurt and loss that cancer inflicts on those lives it touches.  I want more birthdays, I want more smiles and more than anything I want to eradicate cancer from our world.  I know what I want is a lot, I know what I want sometimes seems unattainable.  So it will take a lot from me to achieve my goals of more birthdays, more smiles and no more cancer.   No matter how hard I think the struggle might be, it’s never as hard as the struggle that those I love have fought, will fight or might lose.  I will relay for as long as I can, because everyone is worth it and everyone matters.  We can all make a difference, we can all Relay for Life!

 Karen Tadio


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