May 21, 2014 | Vol.54 No.21

Yong In Taigon TaeKwonDo Students earn Belts

Yong In Taigon TaeKwonDo in Lake Stevens held its 15th Black Belt test from April 30th to May 3rd.  Though over 100 Yong In Taigon TaeKwonDo students have earned their first-degree black belts, on May 3rd, three students received 4th-dan black belts, which take a minimum of nine years of training to earn.

Students who earned their 4th-dan black belts are Cameron Osborn, Tanner Holmberg, and Gillian Anderson.  Cameron was Yong In Taigon TaeKwonDo's first student when the school opened in June of 2004.  Gillian and Tanner joined the school shortly thereafter and the three have trained together for nearly ten years.

In addition, Jacob Bennet earned his 3rd-dan black belt and those who earned their 1st-dan black belts were Hodari Apellenes, Thomas Heggem, Holly Balan, Derek Calddart, Javier Aranda, Brian Beste, Jareth Anderson, Maggie Balan, Matthew Jolliff, and Cuong Le.

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