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Cavelero leadership students tutor at Skyline in math and reading


Chynah Zamora, an eighth-grader from Cavelero Mid High School, tutors a Skyline Elementary School student in reading.

Upon visiting Skyline Elementary School you'll notice young students seated at tables in the hallway engrossed in learning. If you look more closely, you'll see that some of these students are being taught by older students from Cavelero Mid High School.

For the past two months, a small group of Cavelero leadership students have been working with second- and fourth-graders to strengthen their reading and math skills.

"This is a great opportunity for our students to partner with younger kids and give back to their community," said Brady Dykgraaf, a teacher at Cavelero. "It's a big commitment, and we had an overwhelming response to the program. We have great kids at Cav."

Every Thursday the Cavelero students ride a school bus to nearby Lake Stevens Middle School and then make the short walk to Skyline. They meet with the same small group of students-who were selected by Skyline teachers-to build familiarity and continuity.

"The programming is working beautifully," said Errin Jacobs, a second-grade teacher. "I think what makes a difference with this program is that the students who volunteer are interested in math and reading themselves. The tutors only work one-on-one, and I've paired them with my struggling students or those who do not get as much support at home."

This is the first year of the tutoring program. Cavelero leadership students and teachers hope to expand the program next year.

"My little sister sometimes has problems understanding her school work, so I wanted to help other kids who may also be struggling," said Chynah Zamora, an eighth-grader. "I was a little nervous when we first got started, but it's rewarding to see the students 'get it' and begin understanding. I'm really enjoying my visits."


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