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Affordable Bike Helmets at Lake Stevens Fire


As sunny and warm weather approaches, more families and children will be biking.  It’s important to remember the most important part of a bike ride, a helmet! Lake Stevens Fire offers bike helmets to the community for $10, which are provided by Safe Kids Snohomish County. This includes a FREE fitting to ensure that the helmet fits properly.  The cost of the helmet goes back into keeping a supply of helmets stocked at different helmet distribution sites throughout Snohomish County.

Lake Stevens Fire supplies bike helmets and multi-sport helmets. Available sizes include small, medium, and large; and they will fit young children through most adults.  

Public Educator Jennye Cooper commented, “In general, your standard bike helmet is good for only biking. However, multi-sport helmets are designed for most non-motor wheeled sports, including biking, riding a skateboard, or rollerblades”.

Helmets can reduce severe head injuries by 88%. They must also be worn correctly and fit properly to keep the rider safe. The following are safety tips from Lake Stevens Fire and Safe Kids Snohomish County for bike safety:

Always wear your helmet when riding your bike, and be sure that it is properly fitted.

Ride on the right side of the road, with traffic, not against it.  Stay as far to the right as possible. Use appropriate hand signals and respect traffic signals. Stop at all stop signs and stoplights.

Make eye contact with drivers to make sure drivers are paying attention and are going to stop before they cross the street.

When riding at dusk, dawn or in the evening, make sure to use lights; and make sure your bikes have reflectors as well. It’s also important to wear bright or reflective clothes and accessories to improve visibility to motorists.

Actively supervise children until you’re comfortable that they are responsible to ride on their own.

If you’re in a crash where the helmet is impacted, most likely the helmet is not good to continue to use. Due to the type of foam that helmets are made with, they are good for only one impact.

Helmets are recommended to be replaced every 3-5 years. The foam becomes damaged over time from exposure to sun and other weather conditions, and it becomes dry and prone to crumble over time.

To set up an appointment for a helmet fitting, please contact Public Educator Jennye Cooper at 425.334.3034. The person for whom the helmet is intended for must be present at time of fitting and purchase. For more information about helmets, visit Lake Stevens Fire website at / Community Info / Services or visit the SafeKids website at


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