June 18, 2014 | Vol. 54 No. 25

Kindergarten, Here we come!

Pre-K students get a sneak-peak at Kindergarten, along with a ride on the big Yellow School Bus!

Children at Sunnyside Preschool in Lake Stevens couldn't stop talking about their latest field trip that included a ride on a big yellow school bus to the next stop... Kindergarten! Each child had their favorite memory of the day, but student Lincoln Thompson summed it up best stating, "I liked all of it!"  Approximately 80 Pre-K students from Sunnyside boarded a Lake Stevens School Bus to head off for a sneak-peak at kindergarten last week. It was a double header in learning value. The children received school bus safety lessons on the bus and then proceeded to Sunnycrest and Skyline's Elementary Schools to get "Kindergarten Comfortable".

Photo Attached: Librarian Assistant, Pam Murkerson reads a story to 125 Kindergarten and Preschoolers at Sunnyscrest Elementary

After their arrival the children were greeted warmly by the Principal at each school, Mr. Tim Haines at Sunnycrest and Mr. Dave Bartlow at Skyline.

While at the school the children were able to experience many aspects of a typical kindergarten day, finding many similarities to their preschool day. They visited the library, the playground and the kindergarten classroom for a reading project and centers time with the Kindergarten teachers and students. "Everyone was so welcoming," said Owner/Director Cindy Petosa Brengman. "All of students blended and interacted as one big class. The preschool children were in awe of the experience, but very focused and present in each and every moment which is a big part of kindergarten readiness."

The field trip idea first originated while Brengman was in attendance at a meeting that included Lake Stevens School District's Graham Cook, Executive Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning and Skyline Elementary Kindergarten teacher Mr. Bill Kusler who aligned to make it possible. Both were very supportive of the concept to answer every preschooler's question "What is Kindergarten like?"

Cook stated he was pleased that the activity "was a huge success" and added "Our goal is to develop collaborative partnerships between local preschools and Lake Stevens School District. This activity will help to ensure that preschool children have a smooth transition to our elementary schools and kindergarten classes."

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