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Snohomish Community Church, Lake Stevens Chapter and Local Volunteers bring new life to Lake Stevens Family Center's playground


Rhea M. Shelden

Outside the Lake Stevens Family Center volunteers spread new woodchips for the playground.

The Lake Stevens Family Council, (LSFC), Advisory Board Members were inspired by what Snohomish Community Church, LS Chapter, was doing for the Family Center. So inspired, many of the Board Members decided to join them and other volunteers by lending a hand in updating their playground.

Being a member at Snohomish Community Church, (SCC), and also a LSFC Advisory Board Member, "I thought this was pretty dang cool!", said Rhea Shelden.

City Council Member, Kim Daughtry, was also able to help us put in a new play-center for the kids. Daughty serves on the LSFC Advisory Board and is the liaison between the Family Center and the City of Lake Stevens. He not only participated in the clean-up but he also brought in the dumpster which SCC and the Family Center needed to use that day, Shelden said.

It was amazing to see how much was accomplished in such a short amount of time, a few hours! Additionally I was personally just thrilled to see new bridges being built between all the community members, said Shelden.

"We saw that the playground was in desperate need of repair. We wanted to help make a more comfortable and safe environment for the families who sought help through the Lake Stevens Family Center." -Pastor, Nathan Hansen, Snohomish Community Church LS Chapter

Rhea M. Shelden

A dump truck brings a fresh load of new woodchips for the new playground at the Lake Stevens Family Center.

"With the help of Snohomish Community Church, Volunteer Members of our Advisory Board, Members of Juice Plus, community volunteers and donors the Family Center looks beautiful.  We have a beautiful new playground for local families, safe and clean storage in our garage and a serene garden area.  These contributions mean so much more than just a nicer looking yard and storage area.  With the hard work, commitment, donations and love that these amazing people invested, we now have a Center that our community can enjoy and spend time in with one another.  This gift has given everyone a place to feel safe while visiting and playing. Our garden can produce healthy vegetables for families in need.  Our Center – your center – once again is a place that is reflective of the care and compassion of our community members, a place we can all be proud to call ours!" -Kathleen Friend, Director, Lake Stevens Family Center


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