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By Matt Brister
Contributing writer 

Ron Stubbs Comedian & Hypnotist Extraordinaire Returns to Aquafest


Ron Stubbs, Comedy-hypnotist

Aquafest is known for its ability to offer fun and wholly unique entertainment to the Lake Stevens community. This year the Aquafest Entertainment Committee presents: comedian and hypnotist Ron Stubbs.  Due to the overwhelming popular demand Ron Stubbs is making his first Aquafest appearance since 2005. Get Ready and come early because Stubbs is set to light up North Cover Park on Friday the 25th, from 8:00 p.m.  to 9:00 p.m. while performing his comedy hypnosis show, which is sure to be a wild blast with its rock and roll roots and wild, mind-bending element of hypnosis.

Born and raised in Ballard, Stubbs is a Washington native.  Having grown up by the water Stubbs said he enjoyed it immensely. During his High School years he was a  musician, so it only made sense after graduation to travel up and down the west coast playing music.

Eventually Stubbs entered into a career at Boeing. However, in 1996, while working there ( Boeing ) , an encounter with his sister-in-law changed everything. She had lost weight, and she informed Stubbs that it was due to hypnosis. Not believing in hypnosis at the time, Ron Stubbs and his wife, Jeanie, took a hypnosis class at Everett Community College.

Stubbs was put under hypnosis during that first class. Upon waking up an hour later, he had no recollection of the hour's events. "I thought, if I could get hypnotized, what else could you do with it?" he said. From that one class, he was inspired towards hypnosis, and studied all over the Untied States until he received his certification, and became a certified advanced master hypnotherapist, and additionally one of only two specialists in tinnitus and hypnosis. Ron Stubbs would then return to the school which had served as a diving board, and teach the very same class he'd taken in 1996. He taught the class in Everett, as well as at Skagit Community College, from 1998 until 2013.

In explaining what exactly hypnosis is, Stubbs delved into his familiar realm, the human mind. To tell if someone is hypnotized, a hypnotist looks for eleven signs, and Stubbs can tell when someone is faking it; he's kicked people off the stage for it. Moreover, one of the biggest misconceptions in hypnosis is that, while under, the subject is unconscious, but  Stubbs put that to rest. "You are never unconscious when hypnotized; when your eyes are closed and you bypass the critical faculty of the conscious mind, you go into a hyper state of awareness. You're more aware of your surroundings." The critical faculties of the mind, the sense of judgment, are able to be influenced in this state of awareness. "People can open their eyes anytime they want; I just make it real nice so that they don't want to."  

Combining comedy and hypnosis with the high octane energy of a rock concert, Stubbs brings a heart-pounding thrill to everyone in attendance, keeping their eyes wide and their frames leaning forward in their seats – everyone except whoever is being hypnotized, that is. "I was a rock and blues musician for many years,"  Stubbs said, in explanation of the roots of his show. "When I went into hypnosis, I took the theatre of the rock concert and mixed it in with hypnosis and comedy."

The comedy hypnosis show has opened numerous new avenues for Stubbs to walk down and experience.

He's been in movies and got to see the process up close; he also released an album, entitled The Heart's Journey, in 2003, which was nominated for seven Grammys ! The  only album ever nominated in the genre of hypnotism, new age, and meditation.

Working with his wife Jeanie, Mr. Stubbs performs more than 250 shows a year. When asked about his favorite part of performing, he replied, "The energy of the audience is what I look forward to. There's an adrenaline flow, a buzz, that's the greatest feeling in the world. I love to make people laugh. It's the best job in the world." His show has taken him all over the USA, and to Canada and England.  Stubbs wants to expand that list and visit even more places.

The Aquafest Committee was very happy that Ron Stubbs was actually available to book on  Friday, July 25th.  His shows are totally entertaining and very funny without being over the top, said one of Ron Stubbs fans . This is good to know since it's a FREE show to the public this Friday night in North Cove Park beginning and 8 p.m. and ending at 9 p.m.

Ron Stubbs did say, "Whoever wants a good laugh, we'll be there."


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