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I Love Lake


You might recognize the ‘I Love the Lake’ logo. Since the City of Lake Stevens and Snohomish Conservation District launched the campaign last summer, the logo has been popping up all over town. From pizza delivery trucks, to bank teller windows, to coffee houses, it is gaining popularity as a local icon. Local businesses throughout the city have supported the campaign by putting up the ‘I Love the Lake’ window cling at their business, and by carrying pledge forms and the free, ‘I Love the Lake’ tote bags. Other businesses are considering putting in Low Impact Development Demonstration projects at their establishments, such as rain-gardens, pervious pavement, and rain barrels to serve as a model for protecting water quality in Lake Stevens.

What does ‘I Love the Lake’ stand for?

The campaign is about celebrating the pride that comes from living in Lake Stevens. Whether living, working or playing near the lake, we all love this local treasure- it is a huge part of who we are as a community. The lake is also vital to our local economy because of the myriad recreation opportunities, Aquafest, and real-estate. While the campaign celebrates our community, it is also about protecting and conserving the Lake.  

The Lake has frequent algae blooms that are caused by high levels of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen that feed algae.  The algae blooms are currently controlled with costly alum treatments, a chemical that binds to phosphorus and sinks it to the bottom of the lake- making it unavailable to surface algae. Though this is effective in the short-term, it is just a short-term solution to a larger problem. To reduce algae blooms, every citizen needs to be involved. We each have an impact; regardless of whether we live right on the lake or several miles away- the surrounding areas drain to the lake, too. The impact that each person can have could be positive or negative. ‘I Love the Lake’ promotes the positive actions that we can take as a community to fix the problem, and protect our lake.

All Lake Stevens residents can do their part by taking the ‘I Love the Lake’ pledge to do simple actions at home that make a difference- things such as properly disposing of lawn clippings, reducing or eliminating lawn-chemicals, planting native plants, and more!  After taking the pledge, residents are encouraged to get certified as a Lake-Friendly Home.  Anyone can qualify for certification by implementing a certain number of lake-friendly practices at home. Funding and free technical assistance is available from home and lawn care specialists at the Conservation District to help home owners get started on projects such as rain gardens, native plantings, porous pavement, rain-barrels, and natural yard care.

Follow these easy steps to become involved:

1. Put up a ‘I Love the Lake’ window cling on your car, home, work, or anywhere to show support for the campaign.

2. Take the Pledge!  Simply pledge to take actions to protect the lake and you will get a free ‘I Love the Lake’ tote bag. Look for us at Aquafest or visit us online:

You can take the pledge at supporting businesses: American Family Insurance, Albertsons, Christian Coins, Cross’s & Collectibles LLC, Sherwin Williams, Foster Press, Opus Bank, Serv Pro, Key Bank, Haggen, Rainy Days Caffe, City of Lake Stevens, and Snohomish Conservation District

3. Get Certified as a Lake-Friendly Home | Actually implement the things you pledged to do and fill out a self-checklist.  A Conservation District staff member will arrange a time to come for a short visit and walk your property to verify you qualify. You will earn a sign to display on your lawn.

To learn more Contact: Laura Goff | | 425.377.7018


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