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By Desiree Cahoon
Lake Stevens Journal 

Turner's Neighborhood Grocery Celebrates 25 years


"On the outskirts of Lake Stevens on a quiet road, sits a humble store with a big heart," said Cameron Turner, son to proprietor Doug Turner. In 1989 Turner bought this sweet little Mom & Pop Grocery store and renamed it, Turner's Neighborhood Grocery. This Saturday, August 2, they will celebrate their 25th anniversary.

It was 1922 when the Rodland's built the grocery store, which is now Turners. Lake Stevens and Snohomish looked very different from what it does today. There was no Highway 9, or Frontier Village. Commerce was quite unlike today and the mode of transportation was much different. It's almost hard to imagine the way people lived and worked back in the 1920s'. The Rodland's Grocery Store provided dry-goods such as: milled flour, oats, sugar and various spices that were a treat or luxury item to many families of that era. Rodland's Grocery Store had their living quarters attached to the store. This was a common practice in that time.

Some 67 years later Doug Turner bought the store, moved into the living quarters and within just a few months Turner and his bride had a son, whom they named Cameron. Over the next 25 years Doug Turner and his immediate family would work 364 days out of the year building a strong and loyal customer base.

Cameron Turner has fond memories growing up, " I was very fortunate to be able to call the store, (and attached house), my home." It was there he also witnessed his Father's dedication to the store and his determination to become successful as a small neighborhood grocery store by building his customer base, which he sure did, said Cameron Turner.  

Owning a small grocery store was once a respectable and sure way to make money to raise a family and provide for your golden years, today that has changed. Cameron Turner said although the Mom and Pop Grocers may be going out of style, "My dad has maintained a strong and loyal customer base for 25 years by being not just a dedicated business owner, but a truly great neighbor and friend to this community." Cameron remembers his Father opening the door to his store on Christmas Day, the only day out of the year they closed, because one of his loyal customers was in a jam and needed something badly. This was just one of the many ways Doug Turner established strong customer relationships. Cameron Turner said, "My Father remembers every customer's name and is always ready to greet you with a smile. Whether its extending some credit for someone on hard times, using his welding experience to complete odd jobs for people after hours, or just shooting the breeze with the regulars, Doug Turner has made a big impact on his community."

According to Cameron Turner, his dad treats every day as customer appreciation day, but every 5 years he celebrates in style with a massive customer appreciation barbecue. This Saturday, August 2, 2014, Turner's celebrates 25 years with the biggest celebration to date. "In our neighborhood it is definitely something special.", said Cameron. This barbecue is open to the public. Throw some horseshoes, listen to the music and have a great time getting to know your neighborhood Grocer, Doug Turner, and his family. The Turner Neighborhood Grocery Store is located at 3201 So. Lake Stevens Rd ., Lake Stevens. Drive south on Hwy. 9 and take the first right, So. Lake Stevens Rd ., after the light on 20th St. SE and Hwy 9. Call, (425) 335-0569, for additional information. " It's going to be a great time!" said Cameron Turner.


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