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Dog Agility Training at Rover's Day Ranch


Dog agility what is that? Winnie Simon gets that question a lot. The best way to describe dog agility is: An activity where a handler (the human) and a dog successfully navigate an obstacle course. So why would anyone want to do that? First and foremost, it is really fun for the dog, the handler and the spectators. Everyone who gives agility a try will be successful. Our dogs usually are the ones who pick it up first and we humans take a bit longer to learn how to navigate a course and position ourselves so our dogs will be successful.

Second, Agility offers both the dog and the handler some well needed exercise. Agility not only is a good physical work out but it also engages our brains. You and your dog are both working. Dogs love to please their owners and owners love to have that dog that is talented and well behaved.

Thirdly, Agility creates a great bond between a handler and their dog. Everyone who sticks with agility will notice their dog looking to them for direction and the dog will be happier.

Dog agility can be done for many purposes. It can be just for fun or competition. Rover’s Day Ranch has competitive grade equipment that your dog will recognize if you choose to compete. Training session are 1 ½ hours each with a maximum class size of 8 dogs. It is safe for all dogs. Only one dog will be on the course at a time. Cost is $20.00 per class. If you want to find out more give Winnie Simon a call at 425-327-3325.


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