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Back to School Supplies Needed for those less fortunate


August 6, 2014  | View PDF

Dear Community Family Member,

A couple months from now, seven-year old Allison will be sitting in her seat on the first day of school.  Her teacher will ask; “Can everyone please take out your notebook and pencil?” Everyone will – everyone other than Allison.  Allison does not have a notebook or pencil.  Her family cannot afford to buy school supplies for her this year.

Allison’s mother, Jennifer, laid off several months ago, is having trouble finding a new job.  Allison’s dad, Tom, works at a restaurant. They are barely able to maintain necessities of food, rent, heat and Tom’s transportation to and from work. There is nothing left over to buy anything else; they simply cannot afford the cost of school supplies for their children.  Jennifer says, “Right now, we’re trying to do whatever we can to keep our kids warm and fed.  We can’t afford new school supplies, our kids will just have to go without, and hope for the best.”  

Can you imagine Allison’s embarrassment, humiliation, confusion    and shame at not having the most basic school supplies she needs?

After all … the rest of her classmates do.  

This year continues to be hard for local families forced to make tough decisions.  Decisions that include choosing to buy school supplies or paying bills that keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables.  

The good news is that the first day of school does not need to be that way for Allison.          You can help!  A Back to School Project gift of $25.00 will provide a child, like Allison, a new backpack filled with pencils, erasers, crayons, paper and other supplies necessary to start the year off right!  Children will also receive help with immunizations, free meal and healthcare applications and haircuts. Imagine how Allison’s first day of school can begin with confidence because of you.  Your gift will allow a local child in need to begin the year with pride, dignity and excitement – not shame, embarrassment and dread.

Because of you, a child will feel proud of their new backpack, and excited to begin school; not “different” from classmates. Because of you, when the teacher asks the children in her class to “take out your paper and pencil” -- Allison will do so -- with a smile on her face.  

No child in Lake Stevens should have to start school at a disadvantage and afraid of classmate ridicule. Please help a local child in need with a new backpack and school supplies for the first day of school.    Your heartfelt gift will make a world of difference to Allison and children like her.


Jasmyn Friend

Lake Stevens Family Center


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