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Tips you don't want to forget when going out on the water in Non-motorized boats


Last week the Lake Stevens Journal published an article submitted by Rebecca Hoch of Lake Stevens regarding safety when you are sharing the water ways with larger motorized watercraft.  During the graphic production process a portion of her tips were eliminated unintentionally. Since there is at least another month in which people will be enjoying the lakes and rivers the Lake Stevens Journal felt it was important to publish Ms. Hoch's safety tips.

Speak up. If a boat – with or without a motor – is getting too close, yell. Loudly. Don't wait until the other vessel is too close to alert them. Holler on out.

Know the traffic pattern. The official traffic pattern on the lake is counter clockwise. As with driving, stay in the right-hand lane. Those on the right to have the right away.

As you make your way on the lake, check for docks you could use if you needed to. Most docks are designed for motor boats. They are high making them hard to reach from water level. Note which ones you can effectively reach from the water or your boat level.  

Lake Stevens' diversified boating community is a testament to its beauty and the community's vitality. Keeping its users safe is a group effort that takes relatively little time and cost. So as you gather up paddles, sails and slings, remember to do your part. Include these easy safety measures into your planning before you leave shore.


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