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Dog Park Diary

You Know It's a Good Day at the Dog Park When...


Isabelle is a Bloodhound Mastiff and belongs to Rebecca Hoch

Technically, everyday at the dog park is good. Why? Because your dog is outside, off-leash, happily sniffing and peeing everywhere. However, there are factors that enhance the experience. For instance:

When the sun is shining and the temperature is above 75 degrees but below 85 degrees. Not too cold, not too hot. Just right.

When there is a breeze but not a wind. The park is on a hill. There is always air movement. Breezes are more enjoyable.

When there are cars – at least one! – in the parking lot. This does not guarantee there are other dogs present but it does increase the chances.

When the cars in the parking lot result in other dogs at the park. Best-case scenario: there is at least one dog approximately your dog's age and energy level. Hallelujah! A playmate! Even if this doesn't happen, other puppies in the park is still good.

When a compatible dog arrives when you do. It is a total bummer when the new playmate leaves five minutes after you arrive.

When the other owners are friendly. This usually isn't a problem, however, there are times when the humans are not as gregarious as the dogs. This results in awkward people clumping; we're all at the park but we're not acknowledging each other.  What the heck?! At the very least we can discuss the dogs, right?

This week Isabelle and I hit the jackpot. Sadie and her owner, Kayla Simmons of Everett, arrived at the park shortly after we did. Sadie is a six-month old Labrador hound mix.  (Another hound! More ear flapping!) As Kayla and I sat chatting on the picnic bench in the shade, Isabelle and Sadie romped, wrestled and ran to their hearts content. Nothing makes a good day great like two happy, smiling, tired dogs.

Rebecca Hoch is a Lake Stevens resident and proud dog owner. She and Isabelle will be sharing their adventures and insights from the dog park with Lake Stevens Journal readers on a regular basis. To learn more about Rebecca's writing experience or to get in touch with Isabelle, please email them at


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