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omething about Mary.....Kester, that is


ke Mary Kester. She comes from a different generation where people stay with an employer for thirty plus years. A generation when getting married meant staying married. And so it is Mary Kester has reached two more pinnacles in her lifetime. She celebrated her 50th Wedding Anniversary with spouse Tom and she retired her post at Dr. Scott Steedman’s dental office.

Dr. Scott Steedman purchased his practiced from Dr. Michael LaMarche in 2006. Dr. LaMarche had hired Kester in 1979.  Steedman was so impressed with Mary Kester’s knowledge and skills he choice to rehire her. She agreed to stay. Kester gave herself the title of Admin. Assistant. Heidi Ferreira, Office manager, said, “Mary was great at customer service. She was willing to do anything that needed to be done within the office”.

Dental Assistant, Olay, worked with Mary when they both worked for Dr. LaMarche. Olay said Mary Kester was always the first one into the office and generally one of the last to leave. She said she misses her, especially,  “Mary’s good mornings”. Olay said Mary had such a good attitude about work and that rubbed off on the staff.

One day Kester took an incoming call from someone with a hard to understand accent. Since Olay was born in Laos, Kester assumed Olay should take the call because she would have a better understanding of this person with a heavy accent. That was not the case, and it became a standing joke between the two. Olay may have been born in Laos, but she came to Americ at a very young age, and is a US Citizen.

Dr. Steedman said, “ I will miss Mary very much, and she cannot be replaced”. Steedman likes to joke a little with his staff. He told Kester he thought she secretly wanted to be a mail-carrier, since she was on a first name basis with everyone at the local Post Office. Furthermore, he added that Kester would check the mail four to five times daily, and she’d call the Post Master if the mail wasn’t in by a certain time. “Mary had quite a sweet tooth. It’s a good thing she chose her career in dentistry verses the U.S. Postal Service.” Joked Dr. Steedman.


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