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Explaining what the Tea Party stands for


Dear Editor,

The President, Democratic Party, and the media have worked hard and diligently to paint the Tea Party as an extreme wing of the Republican Party that is out of touch with mainstream America.

The Tea Party supporters have sat by quietly and allowed ourselves to be wrongfully portrayed. The mid-term election cycle is beginning, sitting on the sidelines just won’t work anymore and it is time for the Tea Party to be heard Loud-and-Clear. Here is truly what the Tea Party stands for, you can decide if it is extreme or radical.

We stand for the Rule-of-Law and the Constitution, the President with his unilateral actions does not. We stand for Private Property Rights, the Democrats with the propaganda on inequality, attacking capitalism, does not. We stand for creating wealth, the Democrats believe in redistributing wealth.

The Tea Party stands for creating jobs, the Democrats believe in creating unemployment compensation. We stand for a robust economy so 47-million are not on food stamps, the Democrats want to grow the dependency on government support.

We want to responsibly use our natural resources to provide our nation with affordable energy, great paying jobs, and a sustained successful future. While at the same time using scientific research, the free market (entrepreneurial spirit), and the great common sense of our incredible citizens to take care of the environment and find future sources of sustainable energy.

We believe in the power of the individual, that you can make your own decisions, live your life the way you choose, reduce the government elitists who believe we should do as they decree.

We stand for private charities, because charity comes from the heart and you should decide whether you will or will not contribute and if you do, which charities are important to you. The Democrats want to debate the minimum wage, does a great nation debate the minimum or the wealth that each individual has a chance to create for themselves?

The Democrats say they stand for the little guy but instead stand on the little guy, not allowing him to achieve.

After looking at what the Tea Party stands for, it is obvious that it is the Democrats who have become the extreme party with views and ideas that are not in-line with mainstream America and especially Washington State.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens

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