February 5, 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 2

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The Island Reading Challenge is a “Battle of the Books” program for 3rd graders

Our participating elementary schools formed teams within their third grade classes of readers. Six books were selected by Sno-Isle librarians. Each “Reading Team” had to read as many of the books as they could and then each team participated in a challenge that involved Q & A, as well as T & F questions. The winning team will move on to the Grand Challenges between other school districts.

Teachers/Librarians, Debbie Hanby, Julie Dickson, and Shawn Bennison guided the third graders in participating in the first Sno-Isle Reading Challenge. Mrs. Bennison’s team won this morning and will be heading to the semi-final challenge on March 17 at 6:30 p.m. at Lake Stevens High School PAC, along with teams from Mountain Way, Dutch Hill, Mt. Pilchuck, Sunnycrest, and Totem Falls Elementary Schools. The coaches (our staff members) and all of the participating students have been working really hard!

The Island Reading Challenge is a “Battle of the Books” program for 3rd graders. The goal of the Island Reading Challenge is to encourage children to have fun and enjoy the sport of reading while improving their literacy skills.

How does it work?

Third grade classrooms will form teams of readers. Six books have been selected by Sno-Isle librarians. Copies of these books will be given to your classrooms to be used by Reading Challenge participants, along with eReaders loaded with these books. Reading teams have until early spring to read as many of the books as they can. Each reading team will share responsibility for reading the books on the list, so it is not necessary for every team member to read all of the books.

What happens next?

After the books are read comes the best part—the Challenges! Teams will answer multiple choice, short answer, and true or false questions about the Sno-Isle Reading Challenge books they have read. The teams that answer the most questions correctly will move on to a Grand Challenges between schools. This event will take place outside of school hours at a central location.

How can children be successful?

Each team member should:

• Read as many of the six books as they can. (Some reading outside of school will be necessary).

• Pay attention to the details of the stories.

• Practice with their team, making up sample questions and taking turns asking and answering the questions.

What to expect:


• Improved reading confidence and skill!

• Prizes for all participants!


• T-shirts for all student participants!

• Sets of books and eReaders for all teams that will remain with their schools after the Challenges!

• Improved reading skills and higher literacy levels!

• Community excitement and support!

• Strong partnership between schools and local public library!

• Parent involvement!

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