February 5, 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 2

Smartphone apps, social networking sites can be dangerous for kids; parents need to know the dangers, including bullying

The Granite Falls School Board of Directors will hold a Special Meeting on Wednesday, March 12th at 6:00 pm in the Administration Center Board Room located at 205 N. Alder Ave, Granite Falls, WA.

The meeting’s agenda will be: Long-Term Facilities Plan

The Granite Falls School Board will discuss the current long-term plan (10-year-plan) that was adopted by the Granite Falls School District Board in August of 2012. The goal of this meeting is to offer plausible additions to the plan that may take precedence over the current plans occurring this 2014 Summer. Business Director, Mike Sullivan, presented his fiscal and operations report at the regular meeting last night, March 5th and the new board members desired further review of the plan. Superintendent Hall confirmed the district is establishing a committee to review the plan and work on updating the plan to focus on the most necessary improvements first. The current plan is sufficient and has long-term goals, however, the three new board members would like to review and discuss possible contributions that could be added to the summer projects prior to the bids and contracting. Sullivan indicated he is arranging the bids and contracting services currently, and the board will need to act in recognition of the timeliness.

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