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Dog Day Dairy – Ode To The Bulldog


September 24, 2014

Rebecca Hoch

D’Artagnan, French Bull Dog owned by Misty Udder

You are short, you are squat and inherently stunted.

Your poor nose smashed in, your jowls fleshy bunting.

Your torso a triangle: wide chest, narrow flanks.

Your gait slightly buoyant, bowed legs act as springs.

Your fur is course bristle somewhat scratchy to the touch.

Your tail naturally absent, a little stub on your butt.

You slobber profusely and your tongue dangles low.

Yet it’s your eyes that beguile us with alertness and love.

You seem tough and rugged, a durable breed.

Yet heat can slay you and bring you to your knees.

You snort and you rasp, Darth Vader-like breaths.

You need cool, clean air in that wide, tawny chest.

Your hips tend to fail, dysplasia hunts them down.

Your stride forever ruined, arduous and stiff.

Your heart although big is what fails most often.

Ending in your life by its sudden stopping.

You are loyal and caring, true to the


Brutius, English Bull Dog owned by Bill & Beth Huntlely

You safeguard your master, their kids and your home.

You represent schools, universities, teams.

You epitomize alacrity, persistence, resolve.

You’ve lived in the White House, mascot the Marines.

You represent England, its people, their Queen.

You are adorably ugly and we can’t resist you.

You are the bulldog, one our favorite-est breeds.

Rebecca Hoch is a Lake Stevens resident and proud dog owner. She and Isabelle will be sharing their adventures and insights from the dog park with Journal readers on a regular basis. To learn more about Rebecca’s writing experience or to get in touch with Isabelle, please email them at [email protected].

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