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Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club Turns Ten


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The men and women who contributed towards the original Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club gather for the tenth anniversary celebration.

When looking back on the Lake Stevens Boys and Girls club gym that was built 10 years ago, Nancy Mitchell said, “It was a dream come true that my husband, Jim (Mitchell), had always had and how nice to see that it is so well used and that it was a true community effort.”

The local Boys and Girls club has been such a huge success. Mike Wetmore, Club Director, shared how the club has grown with community members at a recent 10 Year anniversary celebration held at the home of Jan and Lorrie Larsen. Wetmore told his audience that the LS Boys and Girls Club is now setting goals and researching possibilities and options for providing a much needed Teen Center. The  Boys and Girls club ended 2013 with 2034 members, averaging 310 kids through the doors each day. Their childcare program provides families with the most affordable program in Lake Stevens. Which uses the space where teens programs were once offered. A new room designated strictly for the Teen program would allow the Club to serve that group, once again. The club also reported to have 850 kids playing recreation basketball, 600 playing Volleyball and 400 play flag football.

Ten years ago the Larsen’s were instrumental in getting many community leaders, business people and local concerned residents involved in building the Boy’s and Girl’s Club. The recent anniversary, “was an evening of celebration but even more… it was an evening of appreciation.  Many community members and families were honored and recognized for their involvement, contribution, and continued support of the Lake Stevens  Boys and Girls Club”, said Lorrie Larsen. Larsen said it was also good to know that people like, Tawny Griffith, are ready to pick up and volunteer their efforts to help the local Boys and Girls Club grow and succeed in the future. Griffith said, “yes I would love it! (to volunteer for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club)  It’s something I’ve felt a pull to do for a very long time and feel I need to jump in or I’ll just keep letting life get in the way.  I look forward to hearing more.”

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