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The police department responded to 488 incidents in the week of December 7, 2014 through December 13, 2014. The following isa brief summary of some of the more notable contacts:

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, 12/11/14, 800 block Frontage Rd A 49 year old male went into a local eating establishment, bypassing the hostess and seating himself. The male appeared intoxicated and began disturbing the patrons and was subsequently asked to leave. The male became aggressive towards a bartender and a customer who was identified as an off-duty police officer from another agency. The off duty officer secured the male until police arrived. Due to the high level of intoxication, the man was transported to the hospital. The report has been forwarded to the prosecutor for review to determine if charges will be filed. The restaurant only requested the male be removed from the premise.

DRUGS/WARRANT, 12/13/14, 300 block 91 Av NE While investigating a reported “slumper” in a vehicle in a parking lot, officers found a 37 year old male asleep in the driver’s seat with the vehicle running. People in the immediate area dispersed as officers approached. The male woke up after his window was banged on and initially identified himself with his brother’s name. Eventually the man’s true identity was determined and it was found he had multiple warrants for his arrest. The man was booked into jail on his warrants. Once at the jail, heroin was found on his person. Possession of heroin charges were filed.

DISTURBANCE, 12/13/14, 700 block 91 Av NE A 46 year old male went into the restroom at a local convenience store and reportedly kicked the door and yelled profanities. The male was told to leave the store but he promptly attempted to re-enter. The 46 year old male and a male customer engaged with shouting a physical confrontation. The 46 year old male was given paper work trespassing him from the store. This report has been sent to the prosecutor for reviewto determine if charges willbe filed.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT/RESISTING ARREST/MIP, 12700 block 16 St NE Officers were dispatched to a disturbance at a local apartment complex parking lot. The responding officer observed two 20 year old males in a physical altercation with one male being the obvious primary aggressor. A strong odor of intoxicants were noted and the male was highly agitated, behaving in a belligerent manner. When officers attempted to secure the male by locking his handcuffs and placing him in the back of a patrol vehicle, the male was uncooperative, tensing, yelling, and resisting. The male was booked into jail for Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest and MIP.

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