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 Granite Falls    April 2, 2014

Receiving an education is important for all children

Dear Editor, Rick Short is correct, “School levies are important for students and learning.”  (‘School levies important for students and learning’ by Rick Short, Letter in the February 2014 edition of the Granite Falls Press)  Thanks to…

 Granite Falls    March 5, 2014

Superintendent thanks community for supporting kids and schools

Dear Editor, Once again the Granite Falls School District Community voted to support our children and schools.  I greatly appreciate the positive response we received in the last election.  Proposition 1 replaced the expiring School Program and…

 Granite Falls    November 6, 2013

Progressive indicates direction-but which?

Dear Editor, Todd Welch’s latest commentary on Pres. Obama shows he’s not in sync with how government works in the US, these days. Sure, Senator Obama may have called Pres. Bush “unpatriotic” for adding $4 million to the debt ceiling only to…

 Granite Falls    November 6, 2013

President Obama changes course on debt ceiling

Dear Editor, The United States is approaching it’s $16.7 trillion debt ceiling and President Obama has said he will not negotiate on raising the debt ceiling. He says it would be irresponsible to vote against raising the debt limit. Unfortunately…

 Granite Falls    May 3, 2013


Looking for stories about Sergeant Major Zachary Dear Editor, Sergeant Major Reid Zachary is retiring after 19 years of teaching JROTC at Snohomish High School. Many students have gone through the program at SHS in this time, including students from…

 By Staff    Granite Falls    January 28, 2013

YOUR LETTERS for February 2013

Statement from the Pilchuck Foundation of Granite Falls Dear Editor, The Pilchuck Foundation is a local, non-profit community supported foundation established in 2011 with one purpose: to strengthen and support public safety in Granite Falls. Our…

 Granite Falls    January 7, 2013

YOUR LETTERS for January 2013

Rethinking education Dear Editor, In a recent Guest Editorial, Don C. Brunell reinforced the need for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills for college-bound students, but also stressed our need for skilled craftsmen:…

 Granite Falls    December 3, 2012

YOUR LETTERS- For December 2012

Election results may not really give what people want Dear Editor, As tired of the signs, commercials and things political as the next guy, I think we should stop to appreciate the magnitude of our recent election. While our ailing economy cried out…

 Granite Falls    November 5, 2012

YOUR|LETTERS for November 2012

Two-thirds vote for tax increase is unconstitutional Dear Editor, It still surprises me today when intelligent people write and spew the very thing that will destroy their rights and freedoms. Growing up in America and the great public education I…

 Granite Falls    October 1, 2012


This country needs a change for hard working Americans Dear Editor, There is something that bothers me, since I am old enough to have lived in the period of the Great Depression. President Roosevelt formed what was called the CCC, which at the time…

 Granite Falls    August 31, 2012


Congress may now have the opening it needs to tax everything Dear Editor, The recent Supreme Court decision regarding Obama-Care has little to do with the enactment of this law and the “buyer mandate” and everything to do with the power o…

 Granite Falls    July 2, 2012

YOUR | LETTERS for July 2012

Some medical practitioners should listen to patients Dear Editor, Mr. Ashead’s letter in last month’s Granite Falls Press would have been humorous, had it not struck a nerve with tales of “pass the buck,” hearing without…

 Granite Falls    June 18, 2012

LETTERS for June 2012

USDA should not be in the home loan business Dear Editor, I wonder if anyone else noticed the large USDA sign over by Frontier Village in Lake Stevens No, it’s not a FHA sign normally seen at new housing developments. It might be possible you…

 Granite Falls    May 7, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Local store offers “down home” service Dear Editor, I want to recognize Mark’s Country Store as such a great attribute to our town of Granite Falls, due to both Mark and his father Steve. They are so very honest, personable, kind and go…

 By Journal Staff    Granite Falls    April 2, 2012

YOUR|LETTERS for April 2012

Reardon should admit his affairs Dear Editor, In regard to the most recent woman who has come forward and accused Aaron Reardon of cheating on his wife with her, it sure does beg the question: Can Mr. Reardon ever just step up to the plate and admit…

 By Press Staff    Granite Falls    March 6, 2012


School levy passes thanks to community support Dear Editor, On behalf of the Granite Falls School Board of Directors, I want to extend a sincere thank you to the entire community of Granite Falls for its support of our recent levy election. Our…

 Granite Falls    January 30, 2012

YOUR|LETTERS for February 2012

Some watchdogs . . . Don’t Dear Editor, Considering our nation’s dire financial straits, one is left to wonder what we’re entitled to expect from our political leaders. Should we not expect them to be a bit more savvy in finance, em…

 Granite Falls    December 30, 2011


Initiatives give voters a fair shake Dear Editor, This is in response to Alisa DeFalco’s letter to the editor entitled “Legalizing marijuana is not the right choice.” I too have been approached by initiative signature gatherers throughout…

 By Press Staff    Granite Falls    November 29, 2011

Your letters for December 2011

Possible motive behind timing of Reardon allegations Dear Editor, During the recent campaign for County Executive, candidate Mike Hope put the ethics of the Executive’s office into question. The only retort from Aaron Reardon’s office was…

 Granite Falls    October 31, 2011


I-1183 won’t make a difference on kids’ drinking Dear Editor, I would like to state that I am of the neutral position when it concerns this current initiative. But I will offer this opinion on the subject. Kids will always find alcohol….

 Granite Falls    September 26, 2011


Filibuster rules need to be changed Dear Editor, The rules governing how business is done in the US Senate needs to change. The filibuster isn’t in the Constitution. It’s just a Senate rule that allows rampant obstruction. It only takes…

 Granite Falls    September 2, 2011


Redistricting to be completed by November Dear Editor, The Washington State Redistricting Commission recently completed a round of 18 public forums in communities throughout the state. We received many insightful comments both at the forums and…

 Granite Falls    August 5, 2011


Thanks to those who help adults with disabilities Dear Editor, The Lake Stevens School District Transition Program, a work based learning program for students in the Lake Stevens and Granite Falls School Districts between the ages of 18-21 with…

 Granite Falls    June 27, 2011


Changing presidential primary election a bad idea Dear Editor, I voted for Sam Reed and had confidence that he would be the person most likely to provide the most protection to Washington state residents. I wish to congratulate him for completely…

 Granite Falls    May 31, 2011


Is our government beyond repair? Dear Editor, Our government is broken almost to a point of no return. Our party system is not working properly and never will. We hire these people in Congress to do the will of the people who vote them into office….


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