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 By Pastor Daniel Espy    Columns    November 19, 2014

What Should I Say? is the hardest question to answer

“What should I say?” That was the very first thing I asked myself when I was first asked to become a regular contributor to the Lake Stevens Journal. What in the world should a married, father of four, pastor from Alabama with a degree in dirt fr…

 By Dr. James L. Snyder    Columns    October 15, 2013

OUT TO PASTOR | The Parsonage Kitchen Shutdown Threat

A certain situation has been building in the Parsonage for the last several months. At first, I did not think it too serious but alas, we have reached a terrible impasse. It started a few months ago when I came home, walked into the house and was…

 By Ronnie Mcbrayer    Columns    October 8, 2013

Fan the flame

Even a one hour weather delay couldn’t stop Seattle Seahawk fans from breaking the Guinness World record for loudest stadium. As our team played victoriously against the San Francisco 49ers on September 15 cheers reached a decibel reading of…

 By Journal Staff    Columns    October 8, 2013

Boy Scouts of America celebrate ‘A Century of Honor’

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints extends an invitation to all The Marysville and Snohomish Stakes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints extend an invitation to all members of local LDS and non-LDS scouting units,…

 By Ronnie Mcbrayer    Columns    October 1, 2013


Years ago my sister traveled to the Ukraine on a mission trip. She worked among the indigenous Christians on a number of worthy projects, and when her time ran up, she returned home with a heart full of joy, a head full of memories, and bags full of…

 By Ronnie Mcbrayer    Columns    September 24, 2013


You may not be aware of this, but our planet and its people should be bursting with relieved celebration, because 30 years ago this week, life as we have known it, came perilously close to the end. It was September 1983, and the Cold War was…

 By Ronnie Mcbrayer    Columns    September 17, 2013

Keeping the Faith | A Conspiracy of Kindness

An ancient story, often retold but never without relevance, has one of the Egyptian Pharaohs making a strange request of his priests. As the sacrificial ox was being slain at the altar, the Pharaoh demands that the holy men bring to him the holiest…

 By Dr. James L. Snyder    Columns    September 10, 2013

OUT OT PASTOR | Some mysteries are tough to solve

For my wife’s birthday (I am not allowed to mention which one) I surprised her with round trip tickets to her family reunion in upper New York State. Out of courtesy to her, I elected not to include myself in her little vacation. After all, it…

 By Lisa Finley    Columns    August 27, 2013

Shrek the sheep

There is a national icon worth looking up on the internet: Shrek The Sheep. He lived in New Zealand and avoided being sheared for six years by hiding in mountain caves. When he was finally captured and shorn he produced sixty pounds of fleece! The…

 By William Walles    Columns    August 20, 2013

Have you ever played sardines?

Ever play sardines? It’s one of my favorite games, kind of the reverse of Hide and Go Seek. You have one person who goes hide, and then everyone else playing tries to find that one hider. The game gets its name from what happens when you find…

 By Lisa Finley    Columns    July 30, 2013

Seasoned with salt

There is a strange seasonal mystery that occurs at summer barbeques. Men, who have never darkened the doorsteps of a kitchen the rest of the year or helped in any meal preparations, suddenly head outdoors to cook. With a goal of becoming grill…

 Columns    July 29, 2013

Temple Beth OR welcomes Cantor Ellen Dreskin for High Holy Days

The Jewish High Holy Days are a special time. The holiday services are known for their unique and rich melodies. This year Temple Beth Or is fortunate to have Cantor Ellen Dreskin share the bima with Rabbi Jessica Marshall. Cantor Dreskin is a…

 By Dr. James L. Snyder    Columns    July 23, 2013


Our country, so it seems, runs on choice. The more choices we have the better we like it. Most people in America pride themselves on the ability to make their own choices. “Freedom of Choice,” is the cry you hear all around our country…

 By Dr. James L. Snyder    Columns    July 16, 2013


All through my life, I have been awkward when talking to someone of the opposite gender. I had thought by the time I got to this stage of life, post-young, I would have left a lot of this behind. Just when I think I have a good handle on this…

 By Dr. James L. Snyder    Columns    July 9, 2013


I am not what you would call a superstitious person. [Knock on wood.] I am a realist in a modified definition of that word and I usually take things as they come. My past week, however, was an open commentary on “Murphy’s Law.”…

 By Ronnie Mcbrayer    Columns    June 11, 2013


I’m writing this article while sitting in my father’s chair. You know the chair of which I speak. It is that ratty old recliner that occupies the living room, den, or man-cave that no guest or other family member is ever allowed access….

 Columns    June 4, 2013

KEEPING THE FAITH: multitasking madness

Beware of the multitasker. He or she isn’t being honest, for anyone who claims the ability to talk on the phone, surf the web, cook dinner, send a text message, balance the checkbook, and fly a crop duster all at the same time is terribly…

 By Dr. James L. Snyder    Columns    May 28, 2013

OUT TO PASTURE : And I thought I was confused!

I have concluded that life, as it stands out in the public arena, is a very confusing thing. As I watched the news and see scandal after scandal unfold and people trying to dance around the facts so that they come out looking good, I am reminded of…

 By Lisa Finley    Columns    April 23, 2013

Not stopped by the smell

If I had to choose one of the five senses to lose it would be smell. I have never had a good nose that picks up particular scents and have found that often advantageous! Although not an expert on the subject, I would predict nearly half of the world&…

 By Journal Staff    Columns    April 9, 2013

Students share Easter joy

Children are eager to help other children. This was what Mrs. Novak witnessed firsthand when her 3rd and 4th grade students at Zion Lutheran School in Lake Stevens learned of an opportunity to reach…

 By Ronnie Mcbrayer    Columns    April 9, 2013


I was smacked away from the dinner table on one occasion. Calm down, I was never abused, not even close. But my parents did believe in the effectiveness of that proverb, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” Thus, I was definitely not…

 By Lisa Finley    Columns    March 19, 2013


You know it’s time for spring cleaning when you actually hope it will be cloudy when guests are coming to visit so that the sun won’t reveal your dirty windows. Isn’t it amazing what a little soap and water will do when combined…

 By Ronnie Mcbrayer    Columns    February 26, 2013

Keeping The Faith: God said it…and that unsettles it

“God said it, I believe it, and that settles it.” This slogan is one of today’s all too common bumper sticker defenses of the Bible. The phrase is sometimes amended to read, “God said it…and that settles it,” to…

 By William Walles    Columns    February 19, 2013

Sabbath provides a rest for the soul

There’s an old vaudeville act that I don’t see done much anymore, but I recently found a great example of it on YouTube. It’s the plate-spinning act. Do you remember that? You have one person who starts out with the not-so-easy…

 By Journal Staff    Columns    February 19, 2013

Host family needed

A host family is needed for a Lake Stevens High School Foreign Exchange student for the 2013/14 school year. A potential host family is needed for students coming from the following countries: Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Spain, Vietnam, Austria,…


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